Chore for most, therapy for some

By turtle

Detailing for the avid car enthusiast

Cleaning a car is something rather straightforward. As responsible car owners, we partake in this task so that we can maintain our car’s aesthetic appearance as well as to ensure proper hygiene for its occupants. Often this is considered a heavy chore reserved for the household help or your friendly neighborhood carwash. Such is the difficulty and effort required to do this that carwashes have become a relatively staple business for many! Washing a car could be a mundane, time-consuming errand for the average joe. To some car enthusiasts however, washing cars would pretty much be second nature, at times even therapeutic.

As enthusiasts, we consider our cars as our pride and joy. A proper car wash, at times even a full detailing, is a task that we actually look forward to. To some, the ideal time to give the car a good detailing would be on a Sunday afternoon, in the garage, over a cold bottle of beer. These would be the guys who’d consider this activity as rest & relaxation; therapy, if you will. Spending a good part of the day waxing and buffing and then admiring your car after all that hard work is a pretty rewarding experience afterall!

Perhaps you’d also encounter the avid enthusiast that washes his or her car as a part of their routine. Without much obsession and the simplest of cleaning materials, these guys would simply be content with spending time with the car itself. They say that investing time on something further makes a person appreciate its value, and as with enthusiasts and their cars, that pretty much sums up the whole experience. Cleaning your car is that in itself, a labor of love, a conscious giving of time and effort to wipe every surface and every corner dry.

With the aisles-full of varying brands of detailing products at your local hardware store, sometimes the thought of cleaning a car yourself would be rather daunting in itself. Heck, more often than not most would just grab the biggest bottle of car shampoo and scurry off to the next aisle without giving much of a thought. As with most things that require certain skills, proper car care begins with proper research on what you’ll need and a bit of trial and error as you go. And if you’re dead-set on giving it a shot yourself, Turtle Wax is here to show you the ropes, and perhaps turn your chore into therapy.